Display Flowers


  • Rose petals are a must have, we have small gift boxes for all your guests to scatter. We can also create a rose petal walkway to guide guests or even your pathway to say  "I do".
  • Small bunches placed in vases wrapped in (vine) looks great. Entrance displays create an immediate impact as your guests arrive.
  • Flowers hanging from entrance on clear string, this has a fantastic impact when your guests walk in to the church.
  • Flowers on the church alter can really make a difference, they set such a wonderful scene. We can place flowers in all different areas to enhance the colour, brightness and tradition of the church. We work with your chosen ceremony venue.
  • Floral pews create a magical pathway to the alter, fantastic smelling flowers with a nice bow and camellia leaves or even a single rose complimented with greenery looks so elegant

Reception Flowers


The theme of your wedding is truly created and complimented at your wedding reception, at your wedding flowers we can create an amazing settings incorporating your wedding theme and your reception venues decor. Whether your day is grand or personal, we can create

  •  Tall glass vases with long Calla Lilies inserted into the tops is a dramatic look with a contemporary/traditional decor. Glass vases come in a wide range and are available to hire.
  •  Table trough - long and low floral arrangement that can frame each table. This is a dramatic and well groomed setting,tea light candles scattered around this setting sets the romantic mood.
  •  For long narrow table settings, several glass vases placed down the setting. This look is modern and adding foliage's, vines and/or tea light candles around the setting is a great way to finish the natural and modern look.
  •  Multiple Glass vases (can be different sizes) on each table, creating a dramatic and unique effect. On top of each vase sits different floral arrangements.
  • Candles create a romantic and intimate mood, you can incorporate flowers and candles in your setting.
  • Floral Corsages for each lady guest as a thank you gift.
At your wedding flowers we go that extra touch to make you and your guests remember your special day forever.

Floral Cake Decoration


We can design a floral arrangement for your cake to mach your wedding theme.